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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Washing Machine Related

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we return to the laundry room to look at a few things for washing machines.

Perhaps the most essential ingredient in doing a load of laundry would be the water. Obviously, the washing machine needs to be connected to a water supply and fill hoses are how the water gets to the machine.

As it turns out, fill hoses can also be the cause of a lot of damage and expense. A burst hose can release a lot of water, which is a problem when there is someone in the home to deal with it. The thing is, hoses seem to like to burst when there is no one around do deal with the problem. This  can lead to standing water and extensive property damage.

A good recommendation to prevent problems from burst hoses is to use a hose that is wrapped with stainless steel mesh. These hoses do cost a little more, but only a little, and the protection they provide greatly outweighs the expense. One of the most popular lengths is 5 foot and we stock it under part 48368 from EZ-Flo.

In the event that a hose does burst, or a leak occurs, a drip pan under the washing machine can help to minimize damage. This drip pan from Camco is 30"x32" and can capture a lot of water. It comes with a 20 inch drain attachment that can be connected if there is an available drain.

High efficiency front load washers have been popular sellers for a while now. The efficiency in water and power usage is the big draw. Due to the front load design, a door boot is used in front of the drum to provide a tight seal since the door is below the water line. Unfortunately water has been known to collect in the folds of the boot causing the growth of bacteria and a funky unpleasant smell.

Affresh is the Whirlpool endorsed solution to the problem. A "hockey puck" tablet of cleaner is run through a cycle on the machine to clean out those nasty smells and their cause. The most popular version of Affresh is sold for consumer use with three tablets to a package. Its part number is W10135699.

If you wanted to stock up, you can get a 5 puck box and a lower per unit price. Just ask for part W10549846.

There is a triple strength Affresh that is also available. This is not intended for consumers, but rather for technicians who have been called out to service a, let's be delicate, fragrant washing machine. Being a stronger concentration it will do a very good job of getting rid of the source of the smell. When the consumer sees how well Affresh took care of the problem, it is a no-brainer to suggest they might like to purchase a 3 or 5 pack of Affresh for ongoing maintenance.

Some people have concerns about powders residues from using a dry product. For those folks, Washer Magic provides a liquid solution to clean door boots and other parts of the washing machines interior. It is in stock at W.L. May right now under part number 24002.

Finally this week, we look at a laundry product that is not for the machine, but is for the clothes themselves. White clothing can be hard to get clean and bright. Bleach works well, but can be damaging to colors.

White Brite is engineered to bring out the white in your clothing and really make your clothes "brite". A nice side feature is that the formula is friendly to colors and will  generally not cause fading, Also, if you are like me, and a little on the clutzy side, White Brite won't leave spots behind like bleach will if you accidentally get some on your colored garments.

Naturally, we keep White Brite in stock and you can order it under part number 00089.

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