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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Supco

Every week at W.L. May we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we look into the world of Supco.

When an appliance repair calls for parts, we encourage usage of genuine parts provided by the manufacturer. That said, many times a repair is being performed on an older model and genuine parts may not be available. In those circumstances, Supco manufactures a wide line of "universal" replacement parts that can be helpful in reviving older appliances that have no longer available parts.

Supco started out as maker of controls for HVAC products in 1945. A natural overlap into refrigeration parts followed soon after. Today, Supco offers a wide variety of both HVAC and appliance parts. Our focus today is on refrigeration related items from their catalog.


One of Supco's earliest refrigeration parts was the "three-in-one" Relay/Capacitor/Overload, part numbers RCO410 & RCO810. It's relatively simple design made it suitable for helping to start most refrigerator compressors that did not have run capacitors. Design changes in refrigerators led to many models also having a run capacitor. To address that change, Supco introduced the URCO series that can be used on models that have a run capacitor on the compressor. URCO410 is for 1/4-1/3 HP compressors. For smaller compressor of 1/12-1/5 HP the URCO810 will serve your needs.

It gets more complicated, though. Sometimes you don't need a capacitor, but you still need a relay overload. For this scenario, Supco has a few options. Perhaps the most popular is the PRO41. It is a push-on combination relay overload for 1/4-1/3 HP and it can be used on models with OR without a run capacitor.
The complication continues. Lets assume all you want is the relay. Whether there is a run capacitor or not it doesn't matter if you use the IC102. It is a 120volt PTC relay that can replace current and solid state relays from 1/20-1/3 HP. Over 10,000 models can use this relay. Now that's versatile!

Now that we have confused you with compressor relays of various flavors, lets look at the defrost system. You are probably aware that a refrigerator defrost system generally includes some sort of activation for the defrost cycle. New models often use an Adaptive Defrost Board that is tied into thermistors to initiate the cycle. Older models were generally activated by a mechanical defrost timer.

The UET120 is a great stock keeping piece for those older units. It looks and mounts like a mechanical timer, but inside the unit there is a board that can be programmed with characteristics to replicate many of those older timers. Again, very versatile.


The defrost timer kicks off the defrost cycle. To make sure the freezer doesn't defrost TOO much, a defrost thermostat is used. Also known as a defrost limiter, Supco makes universal ones that go in 5 degree increments from 45-60 degrees, from there they continue in 10 degree increments all the way to 90 degrees. This week we are featuring the popular 45 degree thermostat, ML45.


Would you like your defrost thermostat to come with a mounting clip? Well that's no problem. The SLT series of defrost thermostats can take care of that. This week we feature the 50 degree thermostat, SLT50.

As the refrigerator defrosts, condensation can be a problem. Evaporative drip pans can usually solve the problem. However, sometimes the drain can frost up or even freeze over. If a frozen drain tube is a problem, the SH250 might help. This is basically an small element that fits into the drain tube and can prevent ice build up.

There is one more Supco product to highlight in the evaporator area. That would be the universal evaporator motor SM999. Over the year many different evaporator motor have come and gone from the makers of refrigerators. For those discontinued motors, this kit can often fill the need. A variety of install parts make it suitable for use in most older refrigerators.


The last Supco item we are looking at today is their "universal" cold control.  Designed for freezer installation it has an adjustable temperature range of -7-40 degrees F. It can be either screw mounted for permanent installation, or temporary installation can be achieved with the included suction cup mount.

Before we sign off today, we would like your feedback. Supco stocks many parts for usage in HVAC systems. If you are a frequent user of Supco HVAC parts, please let your account manager know which items make the grade for your truck stock. We value your input.

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