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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Multipurpose Appliances

Hey, All,

I've been seeing all kinds of appliances that will do more than one thing and I'm kinda curious about what you all think about them.  I'm talking about like the microhoods (over the range vent hood and microwave combo), refrigerators with coffeemakers or computers in them, machines that both wash and dry clothes, etc.

Now, I do understand the need for some of these things - if you have a very small kitchen, a microhood frees up counterspace where a microwave would sit.  I personally don't care for them because I'm short and these are over my head.

But what happens when part of the unit breaks and it can't be fixed (usually because parts are no longer available or way expensive)?  For example, the blower motor goes out on the vent hood and is no longer available, but the microwave still works fine.  Do you replace the whole thing?  Or just go without a vent?

Or the coffemaker quits working that is built into your refrigerator - do you call your regular appliance repairman or a small appliance repairman?  Not to mention if your refrigerator had a computer built into it - again, appliance or computer repair company?  See what kind of training these techs need in this day and age?

So my questions to the service companies out there:  Do you find your customer replacing these or just truckin' on till the whole unit gives up?  Do your techs have training for these built in accessories?  If yes, where do you get the training?  If not, would you like to see training classes available for these?  Are these combo units worth investing in?

Give me your opinion - I would love to hear them!

Have a great week!

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