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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Dryer Kits, Venting, and Cords

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we return to the laundry room to look at a few things for dryers.

A clothes dryer is traditionally pretty simple technology. As a result, many dryers can keep working for years. After many years of use some of the softer and more involved with friction parts naturally will wear.

A dryer maintenance kit will offer several of those "high wea' items in one convenient package. The idea is, if you are in fixing one of the items in the kit, likely the other items included in the kit will also be showing signs of wear. It only makes sense to replace all of those parts while you are inside the machine making your repair.

Dryer maintenance kits offer a convenient grouping of related parts, which make the a great choice for the do-it-yourself crowd. It is usually true that the kits a re less expensive than buying the parts included individually. From a marketing perspective, maintenance kits can also help persuade consumers to allow full maintenance servicing (which, as we already mentioned, is probably a good idea anyway), when the initial call may have been for only one of the parts in the kit.

Whirlpool, for years, has offered a few dryer maintenance kits, depending on the size of the dryer being serviced. For 29" dryers built after 2007 the kit is part number 4392065. The kit includes a belt, idler pulley and a pair of support rollers with clips. You also get instructions which if you are professional repair person you probably will not need.

On smaller 27" Whirlpool dryers made after 2007 a different kit is used. Like the kit for the 29" units, this comes with a belt. Differences include 4 instead of 2 support rollers. Also the idler is pulley only. No idler arm included. The part number for this kit 4392067.
Electrolux also provides maintenance kits for it's dryers. The Frigaidaire (and related brands) dryers produced from 1992-2001 use kit number 5304461262. Included in the kit is a rear drum bearing kit. The kit also provides new upper and lower felts for the front of the drum. To round out the kit a belt, idler pulley, high temp advesive, lubricant and instructions are included as well.
Design changes on the 2002 Frigidaire dryers prompted changes to the kit. For models 2002-present, the kit to use is part number 5304457724. This has the newer style of front bearing as well as the lower front felt, rear drum bearing kit, idler pulley, belt, adhesive, lubricant, and instructions.
The kits we have been looking at so far have to do with maintaining the mechanics of the dryer. For a dryer to work properly, however, not only do the mechanics have to be in order but you need good air flow. 

Air flow can be impeded by lint build up in the vent hose. Not only will this cause your dryer to perform poorly, but it can also present a very real fire hazard. In fact, lint build up is the number one cause of dryer fires and dryer fires themselves are one of the most common causes for home fires.

To reduce the risk of fire, it is recommended that you clean your dryer vent lines periodically. Many service companies offer this service. W.L. May Company stocks a kit that make those service calls easier and also is consumer friendly. 

Linteater is the name of the product and its part number is DVC202. Included in the kit are 2 line clearing brushes in 2 1/2" and 4" sizes. You get 4 36" flexible rods to connect to those brushes on one side and your cordless drill on the other. Also in the kit is a blockage removal tool, adapters for both a vacuum and the dryer and instructions on how to make it all work. This really is a great product.
Installing a dryer sometimes requires more than elbow grease. Sometimes it requires an actual elbow-for the vent line. When that happens the E4E comes into play. This is a 4" hard pipe elbow for dryer vent lines.


Working with the ducting also may require some duct hose clamps. We stock both worm screw and pinch types of clamps. The pinch clamps are part number CS400. These can be purchased individually, but for stock you might consider getting a bundle of 50, that's how they come from the manufacturer.

The lastitems we are looking at, but far from least important, is power cords, or pigtails. For a 4 foot 3 wire 30amp the pigtail part number is WX09X10002.

In some jurisdictions, building codes require using a 4 wire power cord. The 4 foot 4 wire 30 amp cord is in stock under part number WX09X10018.

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