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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Pets and Appliances

Hey, All,

I don't know about you, but I love cruising Facebook and watching animal videos.  Yeah, yeah, I'm a cat lady but I keep it down to two only.  But then I have two ferrets and a part-time pug, and if one of them isn't getting into something, one of the others is.

Having pets is like having small children - constant vigilance!  I love my pets but they are sneaky - especially the ferrets - and like to get into places that they are not supposed to be - the dryer, dishwasher, etc.  Who wouldn't like to curl up in a pile of nice clean, warm laundry?  Be kind to your pets and check your appliances before shutting the door and turning it on.
Pets are also curious when you have new people in the house - they want to "help" by checking out purses, toolboxes, or other cases, or monitoring what is going on by getting right in the middle of the action.  Please be courteous when you have professional people in the house, and keep your pets contained.  Yes, it is your pets' home, too, but when it comes to having a repair or salesperson in your home, your pets may not react to them in a friendly manner.  And the repair job may take longer if the tech has to keep removing pets from where he's working, or in the case of ferrets, having to retrieve items the ferrets have stolen out of their tool box.

I have also answered so many calls from techs in the customer's homes where the dogs are constantly barking and making it really hard to hear what the tech needs for the repair.  If you can put the dogs in another room until the tech or salesperson leaves, it makes an easier time for all.  Also, you sure wouldn't want anyone to be injured if your dog took a major dislike to the tech.

So, be kind to your four-legged kids and keep them out of your appliances and away from service/sales people and everyone will be happy campers!

Have a great week!

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