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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Speaking of Back To School


With the passing of Labor Day, it's time for the "Back To School" season. If the kids in your neighborhood are not already back in school, they will be soon. Please be careful as you are making your service calls, there's certain to be more bikes and miniature pedestrians on the road then you probably were seeing over summer break.

As Kelly mentioned in yesterday's post, we are also training some new parts people here ate W.L. May so we are in a back to school frame of thought as well. Its always exciting to share our knowledge and experience with newcomers to our industry.

Should you be thinking about going back to school too? Lets face it, no matter how much of a whiz-bang servicer you might be on the classic Maytag laundry products, or the old GE refrigerators, those machines are getting less and less common. More and more machines are coming onto the market that have made radical changes from some long running designs. The old rules just don't apply any more!

The new machines offer you both new challenges and new opportunities. Service calls on the newer machines frequently involve more expensive components. This means you have less room for errors but also the opportunity for greater profits. The changes will also, over time, make the skills of those who keep up with all of the changes more valuable. This alone is a powerful argument for going "back to school".

Business and marketing is also changing rapidly with the digital age, and those changes affect both your customers expectations as well as how you react to this new type of customer. United Servicer members are on the front lines of change and would like you to join them in tackling the challenges of the 21st century appliance repair industry.

W.L. May Co., in partnership with The United Servicers Association is offering you the chance to stay current with you skills with the fall Regional Service Training Institute. We have worked to offer training sessions regionally to limit the amount of travel involved for our more rural servicers.

Here are the dates and the types of training being offered at each RSTI:
  • Sacramento, CA- September 25-26th-  Bosch, Electrolux, & Whirlpool, plus Business Classes 
  • Salt Lake City, UT-October 9-10th- Bosch, Electrolux, Samsung & Whirlpool, plus Business Classes 
  • Portland, OR-November 6-7th-Bosch, Electrolux, Samsung & Whirlpool, plus Business Classes

Please make a note there will be no Samsung training in Sacramento.

Registration for the event is $199.00. You registration fee includes all training and materials, five hot meals, and the opportunity to discuss challenges facing your company and the our industry, with knowledgeable peers who are outside of your competitive service area. 

More information  and to register visit the United Sevicers Registration site. Often these events sell out, and seats are filling up fast. Don't be the company that doesn't know how to fix one of those "new machines". Keep up with your competition, as we all move forward with new marketing and business management techniques for the digital age. Sign up NOW to make sure you are not "that company".

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