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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Home and Garden Shows

Hey, All,

I saw advertising on the TV this weekend for Portland's Fall Home and Garden Show and started thinking about all the shows like this I've been to - various home and garden shows, yard, garden and patio shows, street of dreams and the like.

I love cruising these shows for a variety of reasons - mainly to see what is new and different out there.  I am a fan of the weird and unusual and can usually find one or two things that strike my fancy.  Another reason - and my mom and I have a ball with this - is to pick apart all the impractial things the designers come up with.  Like a kitchen and formal dining area side by side but the only way to go from one to the other is to go out one door, down a hallway in through the door to the other - not particularly practical when a doorway or pass through could have easily been built.

But the main thing is IDEAS!  Seeing through other's eyes what can be done to a particular space and the new products available - not only new construction but remodeling and refurbishing of existing structures.

But be careful!  Do your homework before you buy anything new or sign a contract for remodel work.  Are you being dazzled by all the bells and whistles on those display appliances?  Does that slick talking salesperson really know what he's talking about? If you are looking at appliances there are a lot of things to consider - will it fit where you want it?  What's the warranty?  Does anyone in town service it if something goes wrong?  Do you really need all the bells and whistles or do you just need to get the job done?

Also, watch out for entering drawings for gifts - these are ways for the vendor to build up calls for their sales staff and you might be inundated with all kinds of sales calls afterward.  If you are really interested in what they have to offer you, by all means give them your number or grab one of their flyers or business cards, but if you don't, don't sign up for drawings or only use your email address for contact info.

Have fun at these shows - I always do!

Have a great week!

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