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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Trip to the Oregon State Fair

Over the Labor Day weekend, I made a visit to the Oregon State Fair. A great time was had. Umatilla County's booth, like in previous years, featured some very old kitchen and laundry equipment. I could not resist taking a few pictures with my camera.The picture quality leaves something to be desired, but I still thought some of you would be interested. Enjoy!

First we have an old tub with a wringer and 2 different styles of agitator. One of them looking a lot like a toilet plunger and the other resembling a fancy soap bubble wand.

Next we have a tub sitting on an old washtub stand. This unit has 2 different styles of washboard on display.

Moving into a more modern era, here is an early electric model. Not sure why they washboard is included in the display. If you look closely you might notice someone was hiding their little brown jug in the washing machine. Hmm...well, life WAS hard in the Old West.

Moving into kitchen, they showcased an old stove that was almost buried in implements of mealtime destruction creation.

They also had an old monitor top refrigerator on display.

When the work was done, back in the day, it was fun to relax and listen to records on the Victrola...

Thanks again to Umatilla County for hauling all these old appliances across the state so that we could appreciate them. See you next year at the fair!

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