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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Owner's Manuals

Hey, All,

Friends are the best!!  A girlfriend of mine bought a new gas barbeque grill and gave me her old one.  Thanks, Libby and Richard!  But I have never owned one of these before (was waiting for a Traeger to show up in my stocking lol) so I'm on a learning curve here.

So what do you do when you get a new piece of equipment, appliance, or other toy?  Or a used one? Most people (and I'm one) will monkey around with all the dials and buttons and try to figure out how everything works by trial and error.  But did you know that with the purchase of a new item there comes with it a little booklet called an "Owner's Manual'?

What?  Read an owner's manual?  What a novel concept!  Yes, indeed, and this little book will give you all the instructions you need to operate your new purchase.  It may also have troubleshooting tips that could fix an issue before you panic and call a tech to come fix it.  They also might list accessory pieces that you can purchase for your item.  Not to mention warranty information if something should go wrong.

What do you do if you bought something used?  If you go to the manufacturer's website and look under Customer Support or Manuals or something similar, you can - armed with the model number - download or print out the owner's manual on this.  If they don't have it available online, then call the customer service number listed and they should be able to send you one - may be a small cost involved.

Once I read through the manual, I need to go buy a propane jug and some steaks and enjoy my "new" barbeque!

Have a great week!

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