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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Super Hero Book Revisited

Hey, All,

As I mentioned before, I have been training some new employees and I have stressed to them the importance of them starting their own Superhero Book.  They have been amazed as to the answers I can pull out of it when they have been beating their heads looking all over for something that can't be found by normal methods.

So I thought I'd go back and go from the beginning.  Now some of you who are more tech savvy could put all this on a program, but I am old school and I like my paper.

Grab a 3-ring binder (decorate any which way you want) and get some dividers and label them according to the manufacturers you deal with:  Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Bosch, LG, etc.  I would put a blank sheet or two of paper for those little things that you really don't need a print out of and a divider for miscellaneous stuff.

Now, anytime you have something that comes along that you can't find by conventional means, STICK IT IN YOUR BOOK!!!!  Research on it was bad enough the first time, right?, so you definately do not want to do it a second time, and you will be kicking yourself from here to breakfast for not having it.  You can put in service bulletins, installation instructions, pictures printed off the internet (make notes on these so you can remember the why and whatfor), ANYTHING that cannot be found by conventional means.  If you have to call a manufacturer, your distributor, or if a tech comes across something that you may need in the future, put it in there.  Way better to have too much information that not enough, right?
Creative Commons license on image.

Things I have on my notebook paper are like:

Extension for icemaker bail arm for Electrolux: 218513800
Sag kit for front load washer doors:  137309800
Fill tube heater for GE icemakers:  WR51X369
4 pin to 6 pin adapter for WR30X10093 icemaker:  WR29X10049
Neptune dryer that shows both for electric and gas models but does not give part number for electric element:  35001247 for element or 35001119 for whole assembly
Zippered mesh wash bag for small or delicate items:  W10180464RP
"Duckbill" for refrigerator drain hose:  8055306

We all here at W L May have some version of our own personal Super Hero Book - that's what makes us Superheroes to you!  Now you know our secret - shhhh!

Have a great week!

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