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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kelly's Korner - New Employees and the Learning Process

Hey, All,

As in any place of employment, there are people starting a job and some leaving (NO, I AM NOT LEAVING!) and we here at W L May are not in any way immune to this.  We do have employees that have been here for 30+ years!  And they will tell you that this job is a constant learning process.

We have a couple of newbie salespeople that I have been helping to train and the first thing we tell them is that they will NEVER know everything.  And not to denigrate the fast food industry because I have put my time in there - but this isn't burgers and fries.

Think of it this way.  Over the decades, fads, fashion and technology has changed dramatically.  You can see this every day in the car you drive and the phone you use.  The same is true for appliances.  In its day, the old wringer washer was a break-through in modern techology.  Now it is a museum piece.  And they are not all the same.  Parts that will work on a Model T Ford will not work on Chevy Camaro, right?  So when I am training, the constant theme that I tell my trainees is to ASK QUESTIONS!!!  If they are not 100% sure what the customer is looking for - keep asking. We get people calling in all the time that want a shelf for their refrigerator or a belt for their dryer and think they are all the same.  NOT!

So if you call in and get one of our new people, please be patient with them and their questions.  They are in a constant learning process and don' t know the machines and customers like us veterans do and they do want to get you the part you need.  And believe me, I learn something new everyday and I will be the first to admit I don't know everything.  Welcome to the W L May family, Liz and Lloyd!

Have a great week!

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