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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Ice Maker Parts.

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we chill out with some refrigerator icemaker parts.

During the summertime the demand for icemakers jumps as everyone wants to get on on having ice for summer beverages ready to go at a moments notice. Many of the refrigerators sold these days come with an icemaker as a standard feature. Others are sold with the icemaker as and add on accessory.
GE IM6D Ice maker
GE has traditionally been a pretty easy company to work with, as their various refrigerators generally will use the same kit. Prior to 2001, that kit was part IM6. Starting in 2001, GE began transitioning to a new kit, part IM6D. The new icemaker will fit all top and bottom mount GE refrigerators produced since 2001. Sorry, this unit is not designed for side by side refrigerators.
Whirlpool W10715708 Ice maker kit
Many of the newer Whirlpool refrigerators can get an icemaker added by using kit W10715708. Like the other icemaker kits we are featuring today, it comes with ann of the parts needed for installation as well as an ice bucket to catch the ice it produces.
Electrolux IM116600 Ice Maker kit
Of course, Electrolux has their own kits to add an icemaker to one of their machines, In my experience, these can be the trickiest for a service technician to track down. If you are working on a top mount refrigertaor made since 2003, then you can use the IM116600 kit.

If you need some help figuring out which kit to use, give us a call. We would be happy to help determine the right icemaker kit for your refrigerator.
In Line water filter 60461N
We get a lot of calls here at W.L. May Company asking for water filters for refrigerators. On newer models with built in icemakers, that filter is often a cartridge type or screws in like an automotive oil filter. It is sometimes funny when a parts counter (yes, we get calls from parts counters!) will call and say that the customer is asking for a filter for their refrigerator, but it is nowhere to be seen on the illustrated parts breakdown. By now you may have figured out that what  they need is a filter that fits "in line" with the incoming copper tubing for water. When they remember that for many years, the ONLY kind of filters out here were the inline type. A popular choice is part 60461N. It is a 10" filter that works to improve taste and odor. it has a 1500 gallon capacity and uses 1/4" brass compression fittings. Those brass fittings make this filter popular with those who do not like press on water fittings.
11-298 Economy ice maker hook up kit
Speaking of water lines into a refrigerator, there are a few different hook up kits for ice makers. A popular choice for years has been kit number 11-298. It features 25 feet of vinyl tubing and the compression fittings for installation.

48388 ice maker line
A lot of folks, for a lot of good reasons don't like using straight vinyl hose to hook up their icemaker. The reason is that vinyl hosing has been known to burst under certain conditions. This can cause flooding and can be significantly prevented by using a hose that incorporates a stainless mesh wrap. Part 48388 is a 6 foot fill hose with stainless wrap that comes prefitted with fittings on each end making installation simpler.

4396808 condenser coil brush
When the ice maker is being installed, the refrigerator might well be in a position where it is easier than usual to access the condenser coils. If so, this is a great time to give those coils a cleaning. That will make the refrigerator run more efficiently. This will save money in operating expenses and can help extend the life of the appliance. Whirlpool offers a reasonably priced cleaning brush for that job. It is stocked under part number 4396808
Many times a failure to the icemaker is most quickly and easily solved by replacing the whole unit. Frequently this is even the less expensive option for the consumer depending on labor rates. Still, sometimes a tech might want to repair the existing icemaker. If you are working on an refrigerator that uses Whirlpools D7824706Q icemaker, then you can service the icemaker. One of the most frequently requested parts for servicing that icemaker is the motor module. We do keep it in stock and your part number is W10190935.

4396808 Ice maker cleaner
Finally we have an item that is not designed for home usage. As many of you know, Whirlpool has a line of free standing ice machines, like those you might find in a restaurant or bar. These need periodic cleaning to remove hard water deposits and other microbes that can develop. Many products for cleaning are either not food safe. Other solutions may not be safe for the nickle plating used in these machines. Naturally, Whirlpool offers a nickle safe ice machine cleaner specifically designed for the job. Ask your parts representative for the 16 oz bottle, part 4396808.
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