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Monday, August 24, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Smoke on the Water...

Hey, All,

...and fire in the sky!  And, man, is it everywhere!  I don't know how it is in your part of the country, but it seems like the whole western part of the US is on fire.  Portland was inundated this weekend by massive smoke from the forest fires burning in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  Everything was bathed in an eerie glow from the sun filtering through it all and it smelled like an old campfire outside.  Sunrises were pretty awesome and the moon Saturday night was a bright orange all night.

                                                                      Now what does this have to do with appliances?  Well, some appliances filter the same air you breath - mostly air conditioners, but your refrigerator and dryer circulate air also.  There isn't much you can do for the refrigerator or dryer, but if the smoke is heavy in your area, check your filters frequently.  Even if you can't see indiviual ashes, they are there and can clog your filters pretty fast.  If you have someone in the house with allergies, asthma or other breathing difficulties, making sure these filters stay clean is imperative.

Our massive thanks to all the people that are out there fighting these fires and trying to keep our homes safe.  And our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes.  As for everyone else - please be mindful of the parched conditions out there - just the smallest spark can set off a blaze.  So watch your cigarettes, barbeques and anything else that can get hot enough to touch off all the dry foliage out there.  Most of all - be safe!

Have a great week!

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