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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Tweets: Dryers and Ducting

While looking through our Twitter feed we found these tweets to share with you.

The first tweet we found is also a reason for a lot of the calls for service on dryers.

Naturally, it is easy to blame the socks. After all they go AWOL so easily. But they probably are not REALLY the problem.

Not cleaning the ducting? There is a good chance that has something to do with the machine not working correctly.

Sure, it's a chore. That comes with the territory if you want to take care of your home and your appliances.

Of course, you could give up using a dryer and use a clothesline. When it rains, though, clotheslines have their own issues.

So take care of your dryer and keep it working well. To close us out, here is a tip.

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