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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: News Recap March 27, 2014

If you have been reading the W.L. May Blog but haven't checked us out on FacebookTwitter or Google+, you may not be getting the whole story. We use all of those social media outlets to share news stories that relate to our industry as well as appliance tips we have found from other sources. Here is a recap of some of the top stories we have seen lately. A lot has been happening so without further ado:

We start with some consumer friendly articles we feel would be great for sharing:
  • Miami Herald had an article By Angie of Angies List discussing which is "greener" a new or a rebuilt appliance. LINK
  • Yahoo lifestyle offers 10 things to know about loading a dishwasher. LINK
  • Porch covers some tips for maintaining your washer and dryer. LINK
  • Fark highlights Seven creative uses for old dryer lint. LINK
  • The dry winter in California has many people thinking about water conservation. The Sacramento Bee examines dishwasher vs. hand washing water use. LINK
  • Heloise shares a tip about crayon stains on laundry. LINK
  • A British fashion blog tested washing "dry clean only" items in a home washing machine-you may be surprised at the results. LINK
  • Mason County Press shared this list of washer maintenance tips from State Farm Insurance. LINK
Next, we look at the manufacturers and how they have been in the news recently:
  • GE is working rapidly at implementing refrigerators that use Magnetocaloric heat transfer rather than a compressor based system. LINK
  • Just when you though it was ok to get rid of that avocado touch up paint, GE is bringing avocado back...maybe. Oh, and the old Westinghouse ad in the article is pretty groovy too! LINK
  • Electrolux has teamed up with designer Camille Styles for more ways to make laundry room makeovers more pleasant. LINK
We found several articles that might be of interest to those of you who love all thing appliances:
  • If you are a fan of Dr. Who, then this refrigerator decal kit to turn your refrigerator into  a Tardis, I mean a "police box", might make for a fun accessory. LINK
  • A supposed "repairman" claimed to be a "stock trader" when really he seems to be a "con man". LINK
  • 95.7 KEJZ posted that they have conclusively concluded that spoons should be loaded handle up in the silverware basket of your dishwasher. LINK
Sometimes, the links we post are related to technology, business or happenings on the internet:
  • SCORE made some timely suggestions for spring cleaning your business both physically and digitally. LINK
  • Web Pro News posted an interesting article about Yelp and allegations of extortion. LINK
We close with a  fun story:
  • Blogger notes how her large family uses more dishes than her dishwasher has the space for. Sounds like her machine needs at least some TLC, and maybe replacement with a unit with more capacity. LINK
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