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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Sprucing up the laundry room

Hey, All,

I don't know about your laundry room but mine is in it's own little room with the hot water heater, an old bookcase, no window and VERY dark when the light is off lol.  It gets used a lot as a place to toss stuff I really don't want to deal with that second and then stuff piles up.

Well, thanks to my son's girlfriend, it is now cleaned of all the clutter and I've been thinking and looking for ideas to spruce up and brighten up that room.

While adding a small window is not feasible for me at this time, I think a coat of paint would really help.  Everything is white and, while bright, not a colour for me - thinking about a sunny yellow or maybe a cool aqua.  And either painting or restaining the cabinets above the washer and dryer.

see link at bottom of page
But for the washer and dryer themselves, they are the basic white appliances.  I found this blog and it has given me a few ideas:

And with all the amazing colours and prints on duct tape you could go really crazy playing with that.  Or you could find some wallpaper or contact paper you really like and cover the outsides with those.  I would recommend making a template before putting on the paper so you know where all the doodads go and it fits right the first time.

Want to change it down the road?  Pretty easy to strip off and clean any stickiness off with GooGone (part number GG44 and yes, we sell it).  Or, if you are really artistic, you could paint them with your favorite theme - flowers, bugs, stars and moons, flames, dragons, fairies or whatever your heart desires.

So if you're tired of the same-old go searching for some ideas on how to transform your laundry area - who knows?  It might make that chore a little more enjoyable.

Have a great week!

PS:  I found this site also and thought it hilarious although maybe a bit out there:

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