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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kelly's Korner - The New Maytag Man

Hey, All,

I was watching TV the other night and saw a commercial for a Maytag dishwasher with a very familiar (at least to me and other Syfy station watchers) face!

Colin Ferguson has joined the ranks of one of the most iconic advertising characters for the latest round of Maytag commercials.  Colin, born and raised in Canada and now a naturalized US citizen, was the lead character, Sheriff Jack Carter, on the Syfy series Eureka.  If you are any kind of a comedic geek, this show was great and I was sad to see it cancelled.  Colin is also playing on the Syfy series Haven as a kind-of-funny bad guy.

I think the most familiar of these Maytag repairmen was actor Jesse White, who in 1967 became Maytag's "loneliest repairman" because of the dependability of the old Maytag appliances.  Mr White played the lonely repairman in 68 commercials from 1967 to 1989!  He was then replaced by Gordon Jump of WKRP in Cincinnati fame, followed by Hardy Rawls who only appeared in print advertising and personal appearances.  For a short time there was an apprentice repairman, played by Mark Devine.

In the newest round of commercials, Colin, in a total deadpan, plays a variety of Maytag appliances, extolling the virtues of these appliances. Plays an appliance, you say?  Catch these commercials on www.maytag.com and you'll see what I mean - they are hilarious!  And, just to say for me on a personal level, Colin, if  you want see how Maytag parts go out to you repairmen, come visit me anytime!  lol

Have a great week!

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