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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kelly's Korner

Hey, All,

Well, this is somthing really silly and is all the fault of a customer who said the way I answer the phone should be a song (thanks, Lainie!).  So I was feeling really silly and turned out a poem - a poet I am not so try not to laugh too hard!


Thank you for calling W L May,
This is Kelly, how may I help you today?
Your dryer won’t work?
Your clothes aren’t getting dry?
Give me your model number and I’ll give it a try.

Your microwave is on the fritz?
Your washer is giving you fits?
We have the parts to make it run            
So you and your family can have some fun
Because with our experience we get things done.

Boise, Seattle and Sacramento
Portland and Vancouver, too
Come on in or give us a call,
Email, internet we’ve got it all
We’ll get you your parts when you call.

So thanks for shopping W L May-
I so hope we’ve made your day!
So come on in   
Give us a try
With our crew you won’t want to say good-bye!

OK, now that you've had your giggle or groan, you all have a great week!



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