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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Items on the W.L. May "Secret Menu"

Cheeseburger fans around the world know about Southern California's famous In-N-Out Burger. As a guy
who grew up in Southern California, I will admit to being a fan, it isn't healthy but it sure is tasty. While they are famous for their burgers, they also have a bit of fame for another reason. In-N-Out has a "secret menu" of items that they make regularly, but you have to know to ask. That's the only way to get a Triple-Triple Burger or French Fries "Animal Style".
Creative Commons license on image.
W.L. May has some similarity to the burger chain.For example, In-N-Out has built its reputation by offering a better than average product at a reasonable price with terrific service. That is our approach as well. In addition, like the drive-in restaurants, W.L. May has a sort of "secret menu" of services available to our clients. We don't want to keep our menu a secret any longer. Some items on our "secret menu" include:

  • Experienced parts research. It is not such a big secret that we are happy to assist in finding the part you need for the machine you are working on. Did you know that our parts staff has over 200 years of accumulated experience in researching parts? With that kind of experience, you know you are in knowledgeable hands.
  • Triple Redundant Shipping. One of the ways we guarantee accuracy in your order is by our triple check order fulfillment procedures. In addition to the person who pulls the part of the shelf, we utilize a double checker to verify accuracy before one last check is made by the boxer. Three sets of eyes mean we can intercept order pulling errors before they leave our building, preventing you from the hassles associated with erroneous orders.
  • Back Order Management. In a perfect world there would be no back orders, however sometimes circumstances beyond our control might prevent us from having the part on hand at the time it is requested. All of our reps have access to factory inventory and shipping records. This allows us to look into the factory availability of a part being back ordered allowing us to share an accurate ETA,.
  • Drop Ships. We offer drop shipping of parts from the factory to you in the unlikely event we are out of stock. In addition, we can ship directly to your customer from our inventory on your behalf. This is a great service to offer your customers, especially those folks who are a bit distanced from your location.
  • Inventory and Management Consulting . Our ordering system is designed work with you to manage and consolidate your order no matter how many times in the day you need to add on. W.L. May has created programs for strategic truck enhancement, allowing you to increase your first call completion rate by being prepared with what you need to do the job BEFORE the consumer calls you. We also provide management tips to help make your business grow. 

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