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Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Friday: Vintage 1959 W.L. May Catalog Pages

Thanks to Terri in our Seattle branch for finding and sharing these images from the 1959 W.L. May catalog. We found them to be kind of fun and hope you will as well.
Portlanders might notice a different address then from the one we use now. In 1959, W.L. May was located in the Northwest park blocks.

Which would you choose? Hawaiian vacation with luau, tours, outrigger ride and aloha dinner OR 500 dollars in store credit (Could be worth $1000!)?

Some things never change. These items still make for good add on sales and showroom accessory displays.

Feel free to check, but I am pretty sure all of these parts have been discontinued.

W.L. May Company stocked all the parts you would need to repair your Maytag wringer washers. Surprisingly, we were still getting occasional call for the parts in the early 90's when I started working for W.L. May.

Some more advice that is till true to this day.

We still carry a complete inventory of parts for all Whirlpool Home Laundry Appliances.

Accessories can bring in wagon loads of money. They are STILL a good way to help your bottom line, while providing your customer with a service..

The Rate-Master books were a hit. You can tell because there is a picture of a baseball player.

Still a good idea for small items, Especially with front loaders.

Lastly, "don't fprget" waterlless hand cleaner and liquid solder.

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