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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Tech Tip-Regional Service Meertings

At our front counter we get a lot of feedback from techs in the field. Earlier this week a tech came in and he was unhappy about doing a repair on a Frigidaire front load washer that he wasn't as familiar with as he would have liked to be. He also commented that he could use some information about the Bosch design as well. In what seemed like a perfect fit, we told him that the United Servicer Association's Regional Service Meetings were coming up soon and the training would match up exactly with what he suggested he would like to learn more about. To our surprise, he did not seem interested. Apparently, his concern was that he would lose 2 days worth of service revenue to attend the training. The bigger picture though is that with the knowledge he could gain from the training he would be able to take more calls and handle them efficiently. It would likely not be long before the training would pay for his lost time and start making him more money. We are hoping that he reconsiders and realizes the opportunity he would be missing. We also hope that if you could use more training on newer products or want information to help grow your business that you will take advantage of the program that the USA is providing. W.L. May Co. is partnering with USA to sponsor meetings in Portland in September, Sacramento in October, and Boise in November. We would love to see you there. For more information, or to register, please see below. Pro tip: early registration qualifies you for a discount on your registration fees.
 Regional Servicers Meeting Fall 2013
by W.L. May Company

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