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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kelly's Korner

Hey, All, 

Apologies for missing last week - got caught up in training a new employee and lost track. 

I would like to talk about canning elements - canning, you say?  What is that?  Way back before fruits and vegetables were available in stores in cans, people processed the fruits and vegetables they raised themselves so they would have this bounty to carry them over till the next harvest.  If you've never had home canned products, they are way above in taste to what you buy in stores.  I remember spending many a summer in a hot and steamy kitchen canning with my family and friends - and listening for that familiar little "Pop" of the lids sealing.  If you really want to get a better alternative to canned fruits and veggies, home canning is the way to go.  You also get to control the amounts of sugars, salts and other preservatives that commercial canning puts in their products.  Check your local county extension agency or maybe some of the farmers markets for classes.  If you have never canned, I heartily recommend you take classes - if food is not processed properly you run the risk of some nasty bacteria in your food.

Anyway, back to the canning elements - because you are using big pots for processing heavy items (jars of produce plus the water to cover them) these elements will help with the process.  They have a heavier support under the coils and sit a bit higher off the surface of your stove to allow more airflow under your canners.  Now these only work on conventional coil stoves - there is no canning element available for glass top stoves.  The different manufacturers may offer an optional canning element and there are aftermarket ones available, too.  The wonderful people at W L May can help you find the one for your stove.

Home canning is very satisfying and I guarantee that after your last load comes out for the night you will lie in bed awake listening for the pop of the sealing lids and giggle each time it does.

Have a great week!

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