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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Education

Hey, All,

We have all been in the position of learning something new - tying your shoes, cooking, mathematics, job duties, etc. -  and being told how to do it by someone else - parent, teacher, supervisor, etc.  Think back to who your favorite and least favorite teacher was.  Why are they your favorite or not?

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Learning is something that happens every day, every hour, and how you retain that knowledge and use it depends alot on the person teaching you.  Have you ever been put in a position of starting a new task of some kind and just left to figure it out on your own?  How did that make you feel?  Or have you been paired with someone that explained every step, patiently answered your questions - even the same ones over and over - and didn't let you fly free until you were totally comfortable with what you were doing.  Which method do you prefer?

Here at W L May, we not only help to train new employees, but help our customers in learning more about the appliance industry.  One of the things that is best about this job is that  something new is learned every day.  And we are more than happy to pass on that knowledge.  This is one of the reasons I keep my Superhero Book. I may not have to remember detail of what I have dealt with, but remembering that I have that info in my Book is priceless.  The appliance business is ever-changing and we here at W L May do our best - not only keeping up with the new stuff - but remembering things about the older appliances out there, also.  And we are happy to share that knowledge with you.

W L May also sponsors training sessions for independent servicers to help learn what is going on in the industry and we have several of these coming up soon - check the link for a session near you.  Time is running out on the Portland session.  www.unitedservicers.com

Got a question or a tough research?  Call us. Chances are that we have heard your problem before and can help, or we will help you find an answer if it is a stumper.  After all, with being in business for 90 years and long term employees (some have over 30 years here!) there is a lot of knowledge here to share!

Have a great week!

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