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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Appliance Facelift

Hey, All,

Do your appliances work fine but look a little worn?  Tiny nicks, scratches, icky drip pans?  Well, there is a solution for this!

W L May carries or can get from the manufacturer's touch-up paint for your appliances.  Usually these come in either a little bottle with a brush or a paint pen.  Really simple to touch up those little boo-boos that happen (especially with small children and little cars that are run over every surface possible!).  But what if you have stainless appliances?  If it is true stainless (magnets won't stick to it)  W L May has a DIY kit called Scratch-B-Gone.  This is a kit that has all you need - plus an instruction video! - to take these small scratches off.  If it is a stainless look-a-like you may be able to get touch-up paint for this also - call us!

Stove looking a little grungy?  Replace those drip pans under the burner - usually fairly inexpensive but check with us as some are not.  We also carry a grate cleaner for gas stoves.

What about your dishwasher racks?  Has some of the plastic coating been knocked off and the underlying wire rack is rusting?  We have tine tips and plastic "goop" to cover those.  Way cheaper than buying new racks!

Call or come in with the model number of your appliances and we can help you give your appliances their "facelifts".

Have a great week!

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