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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Worth Stocking Wednesday: 6700S0011 A Handy Part For Older Electric Ranges

A basic electric range is a solid, time tested appliance. Every year around the holiday season we hear from a lot of folks who have become very attached to their old range and want to keep it alive if they can. A lot of these units are old enough that most of the parts are no longer being milled. Fortunately, many of the elements and controls are still available. Once the machine is of "a certain age" the first control to be retired is often the clock, although if you are lucky you have a common design of clock which may be available for quite a while. Then comes the thermostat. When the original thermostat is no longer available from the manufacturer, a handy solution is Supco's 6700S0011 universal thermostat kit. It comes in a kit with knobs and adapters. It has a 60 inch capillary tube & can be used to replace most single-pole & double-pole thermostats. If you can use the manufacturers original part you generally should. But for older machines, the 6700S0011 can save the day.

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