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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Friday: Toy Washing Machines

Have you ever gone online looking for something and ended up finding something else? Something totally different that is useless, but interesting? That happened to me recently. I found that there a lot of different operating toy washing machines for dollhouses and such. Now, maybe this is common knowledge but it was news to me and I found it interesting enough to share. There are a lot of different (and sometimes quite realistic) machines that have been made over the years. This guy featured on the Farm Collector website has a HUGE collection. Make sure to check out the gallery slideshow that features some of the rarer antiques in his collection. When I found that, I also found this YouTube video of another collection that looks like it features some newer examples.
Now as these internet adventures go, one thing leads to another and I found this odd, but kind of cute video of a Furby meeting up with a washing machine.
I thought I reached the limit of toy washing machine strangeness when I stumbled upon this (Chinese?) video.
Well, that's enough playing with toys. Time to help some folks get some appliances working again. Have a great weekend everybody!


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