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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Facebook Roundup

As many of you are aware, W.L. May Company has made a commitment to helping to keep you informed about the appliance industry, with an emphasis on parts and repairs. We also are committed to the success of your company during these changing times that is the information revolution. This blog is one way we have been trying to share our knowledge and experience with you. Facebook is another way.
Here is a quick roundup of articles that have been shared on Facebook in the last month. For more of this kind of information make sure to "like" us on Facebook and visit us there often.

We told you about some new products in development.
  • Whirlpool announced a new line of wi-fi smart appliances. Link
  • GE Announced a refrigerator with a built in hot water dispenser. Link
  • The web site Gizmodo told us about a device that uses ultraviolet light to disenfect your dishwashers interior. Link
  • Consumer Reports gave good grades to Whirlpool & Maytag for the operating times on their front loaders. Link

We shared information about the business side of the appliance industry and the major manufacturers.

  • GE announced the production of front load washers in the U.S. ,which they have never done before. Link
  • Electrolux shares hope that an improving housing market in the US will offset sluuggish growth in Europe. Link
  • A letter to USA Today talked about changes at Whirlpool and a growth of their bottom line. Link

Sometimes we share tips for home owners and the DIY crowd.

  • We found some tips for cleaning refrigerators. Link

Information about running your business can be helpful. Here are tips for managing people and also technology.
  • Great Leadership explained the importance of satisfied employees and how being penny-wise can sometimes be pound-foolish. Link
  • We found an article that gave some practical advice about computer passwords. How to create very safe passwords for a variety of web sites and even more importantly, how to remember them! Link

Since it is Facebook, we also found some information to help your business use social media in its marketing mix.
  • PostRocket talks about Facebook's EdgeRank. How it can limit who sees your Facebook posts, and how to maximise your exposure on Facebook. Link
  • While, W.L. May encourages the use of social media in your marketing mix. It is not without some risk. This article from Dashburst examines a few things to be careful of if your are "going social". Link

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