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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hey, All,

Search back in the deep recesses of your mind to your school days and them darn spelling lists.  So many rules to remember like " 'i' before 'e', except after 'c', or when used in 'neighbor' or 'weigh' " - and there are exceptions to this!  Well, many people have questioned me on GE model and part numbers so I am going to try to help everyone out.

GE likes to put in "0's" in both the model number and the part numbers, but sometimes you have to drop them in order for them to come up. Example:

This is what's on the model number tag: JBS02004WH
This is what shows up on your research program: JBS02*04

Why? I don't know, but if you are having difficulties, start backing off the numbers/letters - JBS02 - this should bring up a list of all model numbers that start like this - go down the list until you find the model number that works. The WH is just the color code for a white model and they just drop this off alot of times.

So now you've found the correct model and you need a surface unit knob -WB03X0464 - but this doesn't come up as a good part number. Drop the leading zeros - WB3X464 - and then it should come up.

The exception for this is like WB03K10218 - you would not drop any zeros on this. It is confusing, I know but, as always, we here at W L May are here to help you clear the confusion!

The first two letters of the part number will tell you what kind of appliance the part goes to (there are exceptions:  some knobs are used on both washers and dryers, etc)

WD - dishwashers
WB - any kind of cooking appliance; ovens, ranges, microwaves, microhoods, vent hoods, etc.  I remind myself that the "B" is for baking.
WH - washers
WE - dryers (gas and electric)
WR - refrigerators
(there are others but these are the basics)

Hope this clears a bit of the confusion!

Have a great week!

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