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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Truck Stock Thursday: Frigidaire Dryer Maintenance Kits

Did you know that for Kenmore dryers with model number starting with "417", Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Gibson, or Tappan dryers made from 2002 to present there's a repair kit from Electrolux that is worth stocking? There is also a kit for older machines in those brands as well. Not only do these kits provide a convenient assortment of parts needed for maintenance service on these dryers, but they offer an exceptional value. The kits shave about a third of the cost off of what you would pay buying the parts individually.

For the newer models, your part number is 5304457724, this kit includes a new drive belt (134503600), rear drum bearing kit (5303281153), idler pulley/bracket assy (131863007), front drum support/seal (5303937182), lower front felt seal (5303937183), the special high temp adhesive to install the front parts, the high temp grease for the rear bearing assy, and really nice photo instructions that'll walk a do-it-yourselfer through the whole job.

On Models from 1992-2002 the kit is part number 5304461262. It includes a new drive belt (134503600), rear bearing kit (5303281153), idler arm & pulley (131863000), upper drum glide (5303937139), lower drum glide (5303283286) and instructions.


  1. Sorry Electrolux but my experience shows that people don't need these kits. You can save money buy investing in the individual parts you need to replace, those that are actually worn.

  2. Thanks for your input, I agree that if all you need is a replacement belt than this kit would be overkill (although good preventative maintenance). While the kit might have more parts to it than might be required on a given job (and I certainly don't advocate buying parts that you do not need), I still contend that these kits are an exceptional value as the total cost of the purchasing the individual parts in the kit is much higher than the cost of the kit. In my experience, frequently I get requests for several of the items in this kit for the same repair job and have been able to save the servicer money on numerous occasions. Also, since the recommendation was for a truck stock item, I would contend that if all the parts are not used on one job, they will still likely be needed for another service call for these types of dryers. Electrolux sold a lot of these units and they are quite common.


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