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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Range Items

Every week at W.L. May we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we look at a variety of  range items.

November is range month at W.L. May. You would be surprised at the age of some of the machines we get calls for at this time of year. Sometimes, due to the age of the range, parts are just no longer being made. We have a few switches and otherparts that might help if you find yourself servicing an older range.
WB21X5243 GE Surface Unit Switch
For many years, GE used a push button surface unit switch on their ranges. Eventually, they moved to a rotary infinite switch. The GE design has a few things going for it. One thing, as a part person, I have to love is that GE used the same switch for both large and small surface elements.

Another feature that makes it a versatile switch is the breakaway shaft, which helps it fit as replacement on variety of machine designs. Not all technicians like working with switches that use breakaway shafts, however, there is a certain distrust of the strength of the shaft. Fortunately, our return rates do not indicate that the shaft on these are the weak points those technicians fear.

316436000 Electrolux Surface Unit Switch
Another common rotary infinite switch we are featuring this week can be found on ranges made by Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Kelvinator, Tappan, Crosley and Westinghouse. Designed for the large surface unit your part number is 903136-9020.

5500-200 Universal Push-to-turn infinite switch
Robertshaw makes a lot of controls that are used in the world of HVAC. They also have a lot of parts in their inventory that are appliance related as well. One of those parts are universal infinite switches. Robertshaw offers several styles of infinite switches. This week we feature the push-to-turn type, part 5500-200. This switch comes a breakaway shaft and adapters for both screw and palnut mounting. In addition it has a variety of slip fit adapters allowing for knob designs from a variety of manufacturers.

Of course, there are more than just infinite switches involved in a range console (with the exception of cooktops). There is also an oven thermostat on a range. Supco offers a useful replacement with part 6700S0011. We have talked about this part in the past, but it has been a while. It comes in a kit with knobs and adapters. It has a 60 inch capillary tube & can be used to replace most single-pole & double-pole thermostats.

Now that we have covered switches and thermostats that regulate the flow of energy to the various elements, lets look at the wires that current can travel on. Bulk range wire can come in very handy in a wide variety of circumstances. This week we are featuring a 25 foot box of 3 strand, 14 guage coil that has a glass insulation wrapping. Part RP2514G is very much something that should be your inventory if it is not already.

OK, so this week we have looked at some switches and a thermostat. We have looked at range wire. Now lets look at few elements. A popular bake element that can be found on over 110 Electrolux and Kenmore ranges is 5303051519.


Frequently in the fall we get call asking about canning elements. What is a canning element? Well, it is basically a normal 8" plug in surface element. What makes it stand out for canning is the reinforced base that can support a heavier load-such as the pressure cookers used for canning. If you would like a canning element, ask your parts rep for MP26MA.

We have lots of other range parts in stock to keep you ready as we move through the "kitchen appliance holidays", just give us a call and even on those older ranges we can probably help  you get it back online.

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