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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Holiday Hassles (and how not to make it so)

Hey, All!

Ok, Halloween is over and it is now time to officially start planning "THE HOLIDAYS"!!!  Get your groaning over because, like it or not, they are here.
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I find planning helps out a lot - lists, lists, lists!  And a huge calendar.  First, I mark dates and times of events I have to be at or other special days.  Kids' school concerts, birthdays (yes, there are a bunch of us that have birthdays during the holiday season - we don't like it either), holiday parties, and anything else you've go going on.  This way you know what dates are taken.  Or if you are more technically savvy than I am, put it on your phone - then you won't forget the list at home (my personal favorite trick)!

Then get with your family and plan who's where and what to bring.  Our family holidays are potluck and everyone brings something - appetizers, side dishes, desserts, beverages - plan it out.  Facebook messaging is great for this - that way everyone sees what the other is bringing and no one is left out.  Gets you a head count, too.

Get your gift lists together and start shopping - every time you go out pick up something.  Or go online and get things ordered.  If it is ok with your employer, have gifts delivered to your work - that way the kids (including spouses) don't get curious and into things they shouldn't.  As they come in or purchased - WRAP THEM!  Saves staying up till three in the morning Christmas Eve doing it.  Also, save yourself a lot of shipping costs for those out-of-town gifts and shop online and have it sent directly to the giftee.  In-store pick-up and layaway are also good.

Get your grocery list together and start picking up the non-perishable or frozen stuff when ever you hit the grocery store.  Saves a lot of hassle of holiday crowds and not forgetting the small stuff - whip cream, cranberry sauce, etc.

Get any appointments you need to fix your appliances - technicians are VERY busy this time of year.  New drip pans for your stove, change your water filter on the fridge, anything you've been meaning to do.  Most of all - do not use your self-clean feature on your stove this close to the holidays!  Using this feature may blow a board and getting it fixed before the holidays is tough if not close to impossible.

Most of all - don't let the holiday stress get to you!  Schedule times for relaxing and for your family.  Have fun not headaches!

Have a great week!

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