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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: News Recap November 19, 2015

If you have been reading the W.L. May Blog but haven't checked us out on FacebookTwitter or Google+, you may not be getting the whole story. We use all of those social media outlets to share news stories that relate to our industry as well as appliance tips we have found from other sources. Here is a recap of some of the top stories we have seen lately. So without further ado:

We start with some consumer friendly articles we feel would be great for sharing:
  • Suffering from a stinky refrigerator? Here are some possible causes and easy fixes. LINK
  • With the arrival of sweater season, Bustle gave us tips for washing cashmere. LINK
  • C-Net posted a list of 20 surprising things you can clean in a dishwasher-Including hubcaps!?! LINK 
  • The Eugene Register-Guard gave some pre-Thanksgiving tips for a germ free kitchen. LINK
  • Lifehacker India suggested running your shower caddy through the dishwasher for easy cleaning. LINK
  • For those of you thinking about getting a French-Door refrigerator, Consumer Reports had some things to consider. LINK
  • US News gave us 8 food safety tips to help you get ready for Thanksgiving. LINK
  • Martha Stewart talked about the importance of planning when you host Thanksgiving dinner. LINK
  • We found some tips for sharing an office refrigerator. LINK
Next, we look at the manufacturers and how they have been in the news recently:
  • Frank Wagner, the senior vice president of industrial operations for Electrolux North America, spoke on the Department of Justices blocking of their GE appliance merger. LINK
  • Insider Louisville gave us their report on statements by Frank Wagner, the senior vice president of industrial operations for Electrolux North America. LINK
  • Electrolux's attorney said they would have to divest all US business to satisfy the DOJ in GE merger case. LINK
  • WDRB in Louisville gives us a nice recap of where we were at with the Electrolux/GE merger. LINK
  • The trial started for a confident Electrolux who is trying to merge with GE in spite of the objections of the DOJ. LINK
  • LG staged Broadway-style puppets shows on the streets of New York to promote its Twin Wash washing machines. Apparently it featured a choreographed dance battle between delicates and regulars. LINK
  • The trial got underway as NASDAQ reported. LINK
  • The legal battle continued with an appearance from the former North American CEO of Electrolux, Jack Truong. LINK
  • Whirlpool got an award from the EPA for their shipping practices. Congratulations Whirlpool! LINK
We found some articles that might be of interest to those of you who love all thing appliances:
  • The experimental music group Matmos released an album that used one instrument to make it's sounds-a washing machine! LINK
Sometimes, the links we post are related to technology, business or happenings on the Internet:

  • Lowes is selling a GE refrigerator that has a Kuerig coffee maker built right into it. LINK
  • What will do makers of smart appliances do with all that data? Apparently, the early adopters are still trying to figure that out. LINK
  • Adweek took a look at GE's social marketing campaign. LINK
We close with a few just for fun stories:
  • In a touching "mom" story, we are reminded that it's never a bad idea to check to make sure nothing is in the oven before preheating. LINK
  • If you take out the Israel specific stuff from this story, you are left with an example of why it so important to teach kids how to use the appliances. LINK
  • A columnist finds that it isn't as easy to fix an appliance as some people think. LINK
  • Smart appliances are an exciting development for some, others see them as threatening. LINK
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