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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Range Elements

Every week at W.L. May we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week things heat up with a variety of range elements.

When fall arrives, we head into range season. During the time leading up to all the end of year holidays, people begin cooking more indoors. Thoughts of roasted turkey, prime rib, pies and cookies come to mind. Delayed repairs to the oven have now come due. We have some help for you on getting that oven repaired, which we will get to in a moment. We also have help for you if you have a problem with the surface burners on your range.
Most Whirlpool ranges that do not have a glass cooktop use the same plug in elements for surface cooking. The 8 inch 5 turn element has a "Y" support (as opposed to a "delta" support). Whirlpools elements are also know for having closed loop connectors. It's part number is 660533.
The smaller brother to the 8 inch surface unit is the 6 inch 4 turn unit, with a "Y" support. We are featuring that element this week as well. Ask your account rep for part 660532.

WB30M1 & WB30M2

GE has many different surface elements they have used over the years. Lately they usually use a similar surface elements to the Whirlpool version. GE also has a "Y" base with standard 6 inch 4 turn and 8 inch 5 turn sizing. The big difference is in the connectors. Instead of a closed loop, GE uses a push in tap style of connection. For the 6 inch ask for part WB30M1 and the 8 inch is part WB30M2.
We have featured items from GE and Whirlpool to revitalize an ailing electric range. Electrolux also has a lot of ranges out in the world. From Electrolux, we are featuring a "universal" surface burner receptacle, part number 5303935058. This is the piece that you plug your element into. This part works for many of Electrolux's products. This kit comes with hardware that allows the part to work on ranges made by many other manufacturers as well.

Something we notice that comes with the holiday season are calls about older ranges. Often these ranges have been the workhorse for decades of holiday dinners. It is important to the consumer that the appliance is repaired. Luckily, many parts for these older ranges are still available.

For example,consider this GE bake element, part number WB44X200. No longer used in new products, for a long time GE was using this bake element in many of their models. The element measures a width of 13-1/2 inches, length of 16-5/8" inches, and a depth of 2-1/2 inches. The terminal ends are spaced 1-1/4" apart. It is hinge mounted, It was used on GE, Hot Point, RCA, Kenmore and a few other brands. We still get calls for it everyday. We recommend this element for truck stock as we approach the holidays.
Another common older element that we get lots of calls for is Whirlpool's 308180. It is a closed hinged style bake element is 15-3/4 inches long and 16-5/8 inches wide. The terminal depth is three inches and they are 1-3/4 inches apart. This element appears on several hundred models produced by Whirlpool, Roper, Kitchenaid, Kenmore and more. If you have this part in stock as the holidays approach, it will get used. We recommend having one (or more) on hand.

Another common bake element for Whirlpool produced brands is part number 326791. This element is a replacement for a variety of elements that Whirlpool has used in the past. Part numbers 310216, 257987, 660542, 255103, 257376 & 14210176 all are replaced by this element. This part measures: Width 15"x Length 15-5/8". This is an open terminal element. The space between terminals is 11-7/8".
The last element that we feature this week is from Electrolux. Another bake element, part 5303051519 was used on many models. Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan & White-Westinghouse have ranges that use this element. This part measures: Width 19-1/4"x Length 15". The terminals do not come together at a mounting plate, on this element either. The space between terminals is 13-3/4".

If you are part of an active service  company, any of these parts would make a fine addition to your inventory. Remember, the holidays will be here soon. Not having parts on hand can cause return trips to finish service calls. Be ready with inventory on hand and keep your rate of first call completions high.

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