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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday: News Recap October 9th, 2015

If you have been reading the W.L. May Blog but haven't checked us out on FacebookTwitter or Google+, you may not be getting the whole story. We use all of those social media outlets to share news stories that relate to our industry as well as appliance tips we have found from other sources. Here is a recap of some of the top stories we have seen lately. So without further ado:

We start with some consumer friendly articles we feel would be great for sharing:
  • Cagles Appliance, our friends in Ontario, California, were featured in a nice article about area businesses. LINK
  • WSJ looked at the importance of hot water to cleaning and sanitizing clothes and how new detergents have changed that. LINK
Next, we look at the manufacturers and how they have been in the news recently:
  • 10News in Tampa, Florida reported on a microwave that Whirlpool designed specifically for chocolate. Sorry, cocoa fans, you'll have to go to Europe to get one. LINK
  • With FirstBuild ,GE is embracing small lot manufacturing and innovation. LINK
We found some articles that might be of interest to those of you who love all thing appliances:
  • Kitchenaid announced a new color of appliance...black stainless steel. LINK
  • Eater had a great look at the history of  "The Kitchen Of Tomorrow" and why they feel it is an outdated concept. LINK
  • A columnist from the Morning Sun in Central Michigan lamented the quality of various washing machine he has had over the years. LINK
Sometimes, the links we post are related to technology, business or happenings on the Internet:
  • A judge in New York City awarded a lawsuit that proved that you can fight yelp...and win! LINK
We close with few just for fun stories:
  • From Communities Digital News we get a look back on the difficulties of rural life in the 1930's and 1940's. LINK
  • A columnist looked at the classic "missing a sock in the laundry" problem...from the point of view of the sock. LINK
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