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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Washer and Dryer Maintenance

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we send the kids back to school and get started on some washer and dryer maintenance.
Washing Machine Drip Pan
This blog advocates using hoses with a stainless steel mesh wrap to avoid burst hoses and laundry room flooding. There are also hoses inside the machine. These do not usually have a wrapped version available. Due to lower water pressures involved, these hoses are not prone to bursting. Still, things happen, so it is wise to stay prepared.

A leak in the interior of you washer could cause a pool to collect, unseen under under the machine. This can lead to damage to your home. An easy preventative solution for that scenario is the use of a washing machine drip pan. Camco's part number 20752 is a 30"x32" pan that can be placed under most washing machines.

This drip pan can not only be used to contain any water spillage, but it also has "blank out" holes of 1-1 1/2" side or bottom outlet and a fitting allowing this pan to be connected to already existing floor drains if the laundry room has them. Being a made of white polypropylene plastic, it will not rust, corrode or crack.
While we are under the washing machine we can also address an issue that many front load washer users experience. Due the high speeds involved in running a High Efficiency Washing Machine intense vibrations have been known to occur. Stable flooring and a well balanced machine can do a lot to minimize that problem. Even after balancing, some machines still vibrate excessively and on occasion the machine actually shimmies across the floor.

A solution is offered for this problem with the Vibe Away pads, part VA1. These are basically foam pads that fit under the legs of the washing machine that act as a damper, absorbing the excessive vibrations.
Screened Hose Washers
Here is another simple solution to a problem that is not uncommon. In many water supplies, small debris can get into the pipes. When that debris gets into the valve, it can cause problems. If you know you have a water supply that is less than pristine, don't wait for the problems to come up. Be proactive and catch that debris where the inlet hose hooks up, by using Laloo/EZFlow screened hose washers. We stock part 70143, which has a 20x20 mesh and comes in a package of 100, making it a great item to keep in truck stock.
29" Dryer Repair Kit Whirlpool

Jumping over to the other appliance in the laundry room, we have some dryer maintenance kits for you to consider. Any of these kits make a great truck stock item. Our first is from Whirlpool for 29" dryers. Part 4392065 comes with support wheels (349241T), idler pulley (691366) and belt (341241).

27" Dryer Repair Kit Whirlpool
Another dryer kit is for Whirlpool 27" models manufactured since 1965, and Twin Thin models. The kit, number 4392067 includes a belt (661570), 4 support rollers  (8536974), an idler pulley (279640), washer (233520) and 9 tri-rings for the rollers(90997).
New style dryer maintenance kit Frigidaire/Electrolux
Frigidaire, or Electrolux, also has a few kits for dryer maintenance. Newer dryers from 2002-present use kit number 5304457724. This kit includes a drive belt (134503600), rear drum bearing kit (5303281153),  idler pulley/bracket assy (131863000), front drum support/seal (5303937182), lower front felt seal (5303937183), high temp adhesive, the high temp grease, and photo instructions.
Old style dryer maintenance kit Frigidaire/Electrolux
For older dryers, Frigidaire has not forgotten about you. Machines built before 2002 camn generally use kit number 5304461262. This kit includes a drive belt (134503600), rear drum bearing kit (5303281153), idler pulley/bracket assy (131863007),  upper felt (5303937139), and lower felt (5303283286).
Linteater Lint Cleaner
No matter what brand of dryer you have, we cannot urge you strongly enough to keep those ducts as clean as possible, Duct fires are a very real thing and we do not want it to happen to anyone-especially people that we could have warned! There are a variety of solutions to duct cleaning, but the best bang for your buck that we have found is the LintEater vent cleaning system.

The kit, part DVC101 includes four 36 inch long flexible rods, self-feeding 4 inch diameter auger brush, blockage removal tool, 2 1/2 inch diameter lint trap brush, vacuum adapter, dryer adapter, operator's manual with detailed instructions, illustrations and tips for dryer safety and maintenance.
spanner wrench
The last featured item this week is not a maintenance kit of any type. It is a tool that any repair person should have, yet few know the part to ask for. TB123A is the spanner wrench used to remove the tub nut on many Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE washing machines. If you are doing maintenance and find other needed parts (such as cosmetic or trim pieces), call us with your model number and we will be happy to help get you what you need.

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