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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kelly's Korner - Dishwasher Dilemas

Hey, All,

Well, this seems to be the week for dishwasher dilemas.  Mine decided not to wash the dishes that are loaded in there!  Argh!  And a co-worker is moving into a new place and his isn't working either.

I have never worked on a dishwasher and may be calling a couple of my favorite techs for help, but I think that it may be the water valve.  I am not getting water into the machine - but it could be something else.  When you are having an issue with one of your appliances there could be a couple of different reasons it's not doing what it is supposed to.  That's why calling a qualified appliance technician is vital to getting your machine repaired correctly and with a minimum of time, trouble and expense.  If you are trying to do the repair yourself, you can by-guess and by-golly all the parts you want, but if that doesn't fix the problem, most parts places won't take them back if they've been installed.  Call a tech!

W L May is also running a weekly special on some common dishwasher parts this week - the always popular Dwip Pan , rack maintenance vinyl paint (for those spots on your racks that have chipped away and are showing the wire), hoses, and a few other things.  Don't forget to pick up some dishwasher cleaner, too.  W L May sells several different cleansers for the dishwasher - these help clean mineral deposits and get rid of smells from food particles that may be not completely washed out of the pump and hoses.  Don't forget to clean the door, too, especially around the gasket area.  Make sure the gasket is in good shape and replace if needed or you might have some unwanted leakage.

I will let you all know what the problem and solution to my dishwasher dilema next week - cross your fingers!

Have a great week!

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