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Monday, June 29, 2015

Whirlpool Training

Last week, W.L. May Company was happy to host a training session in the conference room of our "new" Vancouver warehouse. Whirlpool's trainer Randy Kruger brought his expertise to W.L. May Company, showing the mechanics of high efficiency top load washers and the radically new hybrid heat dryers.

Due to some scheduling difficulties this was announced with very short notice. For that we apologize. Despite the late announcement the turnout was impressive and shows us the demand for training opportunities. We thank  you all for attending and look forwarding to hosting more of this type of event in the future.

Mark Guzman, the manager of our Sacramento branch, was also on hand and snapped some pictures of the event that we are happy to share. Once again, thanks to all of you who made time in your busy schedules to attend and increase your product knowledge, we hope you found the experience helpful.

Trev Pelzer introduction
W.L. May Company sales manager, Trev Pelzer opened the program
Randy Kruger
Whirlpool trainer Randy Kruger provides his introduction
A close up look
Technicians taking a closer look
Interior Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Dryer
Inside the Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Dryer
Randy Kruger provides a close up explanation
Under a high capacity washing machine
Looking at the "motor" area of the Whirlpool High Efficiency Top Load Washer
Removing the rotor
Training involves breaking down an appliance, here the rotor is being removed
aerial view
A rarely seen overhead view of training in progress
service trucks
We like seeing so many branded service vehicles visiting us. Thanks again!

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