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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Clothes Dryers

Every week at W.L. May we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we look into the world of clothes dryers.

The first part from this week's featured parts isn't really a part at all. Instead it used to attach parts. Our first item is a high temperature adhesive from Maytag that is used to glue felt seals found on many dryers into place. We stock it under the manufacturers part number of Y055980.

Another item that isn't really a part in the machine is this outlet duct. Here are a few features of the 4 inch ProVent outlet duct that we stock. Recently the louvers on the outer wall faceplate have been re-engineered to prevent stocking. The faceplate also has a groove on the back to allow for cleaner caulking than older designs had. That same faceplate comes in white, but can also be painted to match existing decor. Ask for part #LH4WXZ.

When the machine stops working, that's when the repairman gets called. A simple cause for a not working dryer could be a door switch. A switch stuck on open will not complete the circuit. Luckily that switch is usually readily available. Both 2 and 3 terminal switchs are frequently replaced by this one, part W10169313.


Another type of part we get regular calls for are dryer lint filters. They are relatively easy to damage and sometimes (especially in households with kids) they just disappear. For many years the Whirlpool style lint filter was accessed from the top of the machine where it inserted into a channel behind the drum. On newer models, the lint filter is usually found at the front of the drum just inside the door. On Whirlpools and their related brands (think Maytag), usually that filter is part 33001003.


The next part we are looking at today has a bit of history to it. The part itself is the idler pulley found on  Speed Queen dryers. Speed Queen was a part of Amana at one time, Well, Amana became part of Maytag. Maytag decided to use some of those designs on Magic Chef products and Maytag became a part of Whirlpool. So that means that this idler pulley can be found on Speed Queen, Amana, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool dryers. Naturally we always keep on hand this part, number Y54414.

We have other dryer parts being featured this week in addition to those just mentioned. For more details just ask your account manager about this weeks special dryer parts.

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