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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Dishwashers

Every week at W.L. may we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we look into the world of dishwashers.

Dishwashers are great for washing dishes. It says so right in the name of the appliance. There is a bit of problem. To keep your dishwasher running well it requires a little maintenance on occasion. The machine will clean the dishes, but what will clean the machine? Luckily we do have some cleaners feature this week.

Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner
Dishwasher Magic
Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner
In the past we have mentioned a few cleaners from Summit Products. Glisten offers a powdered citric acid based formula, while Dishwasher Magic is a fluid product. Both will help remove hard water. Glisten can be used while washing a load of dishes. Dishwasher Magic also works as a rust stain remover and is recommended to use in an empty dishwasher.

Finally Whirlpool offers Affresh tablets specifically engineered for dishwashers. We have looked at this product before as well.
DW-53 Dishwasher Water Valve
Of course, without water the dishwasher is useless. One of the most popular styles of dishwasher water valve is the Horton 514 valve. Supco has their own version, DW-53.

Electrolux Tub Gasket 154827601
Electrolux Bottom Door Seal 154576501
Almost as important as getting water into the machine, is keeping the water in the machine. That is where door gaskets enter the picture. On some machines there is only one gasket that goes up and around the door area. On many Frigidaire style appliances sold under the Frigidaire, Kenmore, Gibson, Tappan, and Westinghouse name, the grey gasket 154827601 is used. It goes up and around the door frame, sort of like an upside down U. In addition to door gasket is also called a tub gasket.

In addition to the seal that goes up and around the door, Frigidaire used a gasket that attached as a strip along the bottom of the door. A popular size that we stock (and you might want to stock as well) is 154576501. I have seen this part called a bottom door seal, a tank gasket, or a shield.

Whirlpool Door Gasket W10509257
Whirlpool has their own flavor of door gasket. While most times a white gasket is used, sometimes it a black one such as we are featuring this week, part W10509257.

Even though most dishwashers are of a standard size, these are just a few of the gaskets used. Differences in length and mounting style make it important you get the gasket that fits the machine you are servicing. We can determine that for you if you provide us with the model and serial number of the machine being serviced.

Dishwasher Installation Kit DWK-6572DW
If worst comes to worst, sometimes the only right answer is replacement. If you are faced with that situation, you can make installing the replacement dishwasher easier withe the use of a USD dishwasher installation kit. We have mentioned this kit before, but it is such a useful product it bears repeating.

Of course, this list barely scratches the surface of dishwasher parts that we keep on hand to help satisfy your parts needs. If you need any assistance in tracking down parts for your dishwasher, give our knowledgeable staff a call and we will help solve the problem.

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