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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Stock: Microwave Ovens

Every week at W.L. May we have several items we feature as good parts to consider adding to your stock. These parts also have special pricing available. For pricing details, ask your account representative for more information. This week we look into the world of microwave ovens.

We love our microwaves. They have revolutionized the world of popcorn. The make leftover reheating easy. Without them, Jenny Craig would be out of business. So when the microwave isn't working, it can seem like an emergency.

26QBP0936 Light bulb

Lets shed a light on your microwave...literally. There are a wide variety of lamps used in microwave ovens. A common one is this 40w 130v intermediate screw in lamp, part 26QBP0936.
Microwave fuse
If the microwave just seems dead for no reason, don't blow a fuse! In fact, there is a good chance your microwave may have blown one-a fuse that is. Microwaves will often have a 15 or 20 amp fuse. This 20amp fuse has been a popular replacement for well over the 22 years I have had in the industry. It's part number is M0805101.

10QBP0229 Magnetron
A fuse won't solve all microwaves problems. The heart of a microwave is the magnetron. It is the device that generates the microwaves that cook the food. If your magnetron stops working the microwave will not do its job, W.L. May Company stocks a wide variety of OEM parts. Some brands can be difficult to source the OEM parts so we have options for you. The 10QBP0229 is a replacement for Samsung's magnetron  part number OM75P(10)ESHL. That same Samsung magnetron was also used on many of GE's microwave ovens, making this a versatile item to consider stocking.
10QBP0230 Magnetron
Another replacement magnetron that is used in a lot of microwave ovens is 10QBP0230. It is a Direct replacement for DCS 212541, Sharp 2m53J(L), & Samsung OM75P(10)ERHN. It also has a LOT of other applications where it will work, or serve as a direct replacement.
10QBP0231 Magnetron
We have one last magnetron to consider this week. That is the part number 10QBP0231. It is a direct replacement for the Samsung magnetron part number OM75p-21-ESGN. Like the others this is used on machines by a wide variety of manufacturers.

A magnetron like the three we just showed you,require a LOT of electricity to work. To get to that point, incoming power first passes through a high voltage transformer. The transformer takes the incoming power (120 or 240 VAC) then "transforms" it to a much higher voltage of anywhere from 3000-5000 DC.

13QBP21095 Caoacitor
Still the magnetron needs more power. This achieved by the addition of a high voltage capacitor and diode, which serve to double the voltage. This week we feature a . 95uf capacitor, with 1/4" male terminals that is used on many makes and models of microwave oven. Part number is 13QBP21095.

Important note: Capacitors store lethal amounts of energy. THEY CAN KILL YOU! Make sure the capacitor has been discharged before servicing. If you are unsure of whast that means, please call a technician who can safely do the repair.
Diodes, also know as rectifiers, in most microwaves are fairly similar. Featured this week is a "universal' diode. It has 2 1/4" female terminals and is used on a whole lot of microwave ovens. Part number is 11QBPUNIV.
40QBP1012 Waveguide Cover
Once the Magnetron has power and starts making microwaves those waves are sent through a hole into the ovens cavity chamber. To prevent moisture and food particles reaching through that hole into the high voltage area with the magnetron, capacitor, transformer, etc., a waveguide cover is used. Basically a mica covered piece of cardboard, it not only closes the hole but acts a filter reflecting the microwaves back into the oven.  We are featuring a cut to fit sheet of that material that is 10x12 inches with a part number of 40QBP1012.
28QBP0496 Micro Switch
Finally we look at one of the simpler ways that you can break the circuit in a microwave. A microwave will not function if the door is open. A series of micro switches activate the circuit and cause the power to flow when the the door is open. Just like an open door will break the circuit a malfunctioning switch will do so as well. Most microwaves use fairly univeral micro switches in a few different configurations. This week we are featuring 28QBP0496. This switch is 15 amp, 125/250 volt, and has 1/4-inch terminals.

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