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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Trivia Challenge

So you think you know all about appliances? Here is a short set of trivia questions to test your knowledge.

1.How much would you pay for a Westinghouse portable dishwasher in 1960?
2.What is the part number of the maytag washer belt set that includes both a drive belt and a pump belt?
3.What does Whirlpool call their diamond plated "mens refrigerator"
4.What year was the domestic trash compacter introduced?
5.There is a bake element that a lot of techs will call a "Dolly Parton". Old timers may remember another nickname for that element. What is it?
6.What were the old Frigidaire Laundry Centers nicknamed?
7.Besides a car engine size and a vegetable drink, what is a V8?
8.How many house fires are started each year due to major appliances?

5.Mae West
6.Skinny Mini’s
7.An 8 coin verticle coin slide

O-2 correct: You know a bit, but still have a lot to learn. Luckily you came to the right place.
2-4 correct: You know a fair amount about appliances. Keep visiting this blog to learn even more.
4-6 correct: You know a lot about appliances. Pass some of that knowledge on to someone.
6-8 correct You are an appliance star! Great job!

This is a monthly feature. To submit your own trivia questions (and answers) email: rob.m@wlmay.com with the subject line "trivia".

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