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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Cleaning and Customer Relations

Hey, All,

If any of you ever wonder what we here at W L May do when the phones are kinda slow, there is a variety of different things.  Work on projects, call and chat with our customers if they're not busy, clean our desk areas, etc.

So with the big move, I've been going through my desk and getting things sorted out.  Man, it is amazing what you can collect when you have been in the same place for years!  July 2 will be 13 years for me and probably seven or eight years at this particular desk.  And, boy, do I have some stuff!  And I am not the best housekeeper so it has piled up.
These are usually on the wall behind my monitor or on my desk - I'm cleaning!
Just some more of the love from my "families"

But what really has me going is all the items that have been given to my by my customers friends.  One thing we pride ourselves on here at W L May is the relationships we have with our customers.  Some I've been working with since I started here and they are friends and family now.  I found years of holiday family photos, newspaper clippings of achievements and events, birth announcements, wedding, birthday and anniversary invitations, funeral notices, beanie baby's, toys, signs of all kinds, pictures and postcards of vacations and all kinds of things! 

It really brings me a warm glow to be included in these happenings! To see the growth of your kids, grandkids and all the milestones in your lives.  And now with Facebook, I can keep up on both personal and business sites and keep the sharing going.

I always wax a bit nostalgic when my anniversary date comes around and I just want to thank everyone for letting me be a little part of your family!

We all here at W L May value just not your business, but the wonderful relationships we have with you all.

Here's to many more years!

Have a great week!

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