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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kelly's Korner - 5 Ways to Help Your Refrigerator Stay Running in Hot Weather

Hey, All,

Well, summer has arrived with a vengeance here in Portland with temps up in the 90's!  For someone raised on the coast with constant wind, fog and mild temperatures, I don't deal well with all this warmth.  Yesterday's thunderstorms were a welcome break.

You know what else doesn't do well in hot weather?  Your refrigerator.  It works extra hard to keep things cool.  And nothing is worse when it's hot out than to have a broken refrigerator.  Here are some helpful hints to help keep it running.

1.  KEEP THE DOOR SHUT!!!  I know it feels really good to open the doors and let that cool air wash over you, but your refrigerator is not an air conditioning unit.  The more the doors are opened and closed the harder it has to work to keep things cold.

2.  When you do have the doors open, do a quick check of your door seals.  Clean them off and check to see there are no holes or tears in them.  Stick a dollar bill between the seal and the cabinet - if it slides out easily, replace the seals.  Call your favorite repair technician to replace these for you, or call W L May with your model number if you think you can do this yourself.

3.  Keep your freezer and refrigerator full.  I know this seems weird, but your fridge doesn't work as hard keeping things cold or frozen if it is full.  Don't stuff it - and if it seems a little empty, fill some jugs with water and keep in there for drinking and cooler ice (freeze jugs of water, ice tea or other favorite beverage and use in your picnic coolers - will keep your food cool and save space with the drinks.)   Cool food and liquids to room temp before putting them in the fridge and make sure they are covered. Replace your filter if you have one, also.
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4.  Clean underneath and behind your fridge and the coils.  Dust and dirt will make the compressor run more.  Also check to make sure there plenty of clearance behind it for air circulation. 

5.  If you have a refrigerator in a garage or outbuilding that gets really hot you might think about NOT using it and unplugging it, or find someway to cool that area.  That compressor is already running hot and high temps could make things go kaboom.  And with your neighbors turning on air conditioning units or fans, flucuations in power could happen, so make sure that your refrigerators and freezers are on surge protectors.

If you have any concerns about your refrigerators or freezers, get on the phone now with your appliance repair company.  Summer has them booked solid with refrigeration issues and you want to get any issues taken care of as soon as possible.

Have a great week!

PS:  Please remember that the Portland W L May will be closed on Saturday July 19 for the big move to get parts over to our new location at NE 9th and Burnside.  We will be open in our new location on Monday, July 21.

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