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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: News Recap May 15, 2014

If you have been reading the W.L. May Blog but haven't checked us out on FacebookTwitter or Google+, you may not be getting the whole story. We use all of those social media outlets to share news stories that relate to our industry as well as appliance tips we have found from other sources. Here is a recap of some of the top stories we have seen lately. A lot has been happening so without further ado:

We start with some consumer friendly articles we feel would be great for sharing:
  • Freep posted a good article that outlined some common laundry myths. Horrible headline though. LINK
  • Channel 3000 offered their tips for cleaning a dishwasher. LINK
  • Detroit Free Press ran down a list of things you are better off NOT using your refrigerator for. LINK
  • AZ Central made their contribution to our ongoing series of repair vs replace articles. LINK
  • Joe Gagnon writes a regular article that deals with appliances and their repairs. In this article he addressed some concerns from his readers and also came up with the one of the best appliance headlines I have seen in a while. LINK
  • A piece from the BBC made a few points that only apply in the UK, but the rest of it was an interesting explanation of the some of the trade offs consumers make when they buy the lowest priced models of appliances. LINK
  • Huffington Post offered some laundry tips. LINK
  • My Fox Philly offered some washing machine usage advise. LINK
Next, we look at the manufacturers and how they have been in the news recently:
  • The Exponent reports a partnership between Whirlpool and Perdue University developing sustainable practices. LINK
We found several articles that might be of interest to those of you who love all thing appliances:
  • NBC had video out of China of rescue workers using a chainsaw to free a young boy who was trapped in a washing machine. LINK
  • Paleofuture talked about the slow adoption of dishwashers by consumers. LINK
  • Engineering students from the University of Minnesota lent a hand to the Virginia Heritage Museum by repairing their 100 year old electric wringer washer. LINK
  • The Roosevelts posted some creative and funny refrigerator art. LINK
  • Regardless of your political opinion, this simple solution to feeding the needy seems like a pretty good idea. LINK
  • An Oakland artist builds home for the homeless, using scrap pallettes and discarded building materials-that includes some appliance parts.... LINK
  • Faced with a kitchen remodel, this report looked into the state of modern appliances. LINK
  • BBC posted an article that features a wide variety of older appliances still in use, with pictures. I'll bet there are a few brands shown here you haven't heard of! LINK
  • KSDK reported on exploding refrigerators increasing in areas with legalized Marijuana. LINK
  • Fast Company reported on high end washer "subscriptions" in the Netherlands. LINK
  • The Appendix that talks about the development of refrigeration and its effects on modern society. LINK
Sometimes, the links we post are related to technology, business or happenings on the internet:
  • Mashable examined state of smart home appliances and where they see things going. LINK
  • Deccan Chronicle outlines some new discoveries about magnetism that could affect refrigerators of the future. LINK
We close with a few stories that are just for fun:
  • The Meat and Potatoes of Life tackled some spring cleaning-in the refrigerator. LINK
  • This article may offer a bit of a smile to those who have had to deal with unreasonable customers. LINK
  • Blooms and Bubbles reminded us that some women just love appliance guys! LINK 
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