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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kelly's Korner - Superhero Book add's

Hey, All!

I don't think a day goes by that I don't use my Superhero Book.  And I stress to all my customers that run a parts counter or do their own research to make their own book.  ALL the manufacturers have made changes to their appliances that they don't put on the research, or have created a new part to fix an issue with an existing appliance.  And if it is something that you run into on a regular basis, it definitely saves you time and headache to have this information in something that you can reference easily.

Found this on FB and saved it in my pics to send my son (Happy Birthday Kevin and Grammy!) for their birthday today-kudo's to the maker of this cake-it rocks!
For those of you that are just joining this blog, see past blogs on this subject through the links supplied. 

I do have a few more items to add to your Book:

Tired of ordering all the separate pieces needed to install a dishwasher?  We now have a dishwasher install kit - DWK-6572DW - and it contains the following parts:
1)  6' dishwasher connector with 3/8" standard elbow
1)  6' 115V appliance cord
1)  Whirlpool style 3/4" elbow
1)  1-1/2" hose clamp
3)  yellow wire nuts
1)  roll of Teflon tape
1)  Romex connector
Now instead of buying all these different parts or trying to find them all in your truck you have a nice handy-dandy kit.  Call W L May for pricing.

GE Ceramabryte Cooktop Cleaner kit - WX10X10020 - this kit contains:
1)  18 oz cooktop cleaner
1)  16 oz Touchups cooktop cleaner
1)  2 oz burnt-on grease remover
4)  cooktop cleaning pads 4" x 2.5"
1)  ceramic cooktop scraper + bonus cleaning pad
1)  microfiber cleaning cloth

Both of these would be good display items and to have on your trucks for installs and add-on sales.  Oh, and I saw the first commercial for the Everydrop water filter last weekend - great item for those displays!

Have a great week!

PS:  Thanks, Robbie, for having my back!

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