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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun Friday: Appliance Trivia Challenge

So you think you know all about appliances? Here is a short set of trivia questions to test your knowledge.

1. This appliance company made cars in the 1940's?
2. Whirlpool offers 2 direct drive couplers for washers that are often used interchangeably. What are the part numbers for them?
3. Paul Theroux wrote a book, that later bacme a movie, about a man who moved his family to the jungles of Central America to build a refrigeration system to "make ice from fire". What was the name of the book/film?
4. What is the part number for the popular Supco "3 in 1" Hard start?
5. Who made the "Bouncing Betty" washer?
6. What part of a refrigerator is a typically cleaned with a brush?
7. What is a Brownian Refrigerator?
8. The world’s largest refrigerator is a 27-kilometer cryogenic distribution line built for use in the LHC tunnel (Large Hadron Collider project), a particle accelerator that will enable scientists to recreate the conditions in the universe just after the Big Bang. Where is it located?

1. Crosley
2. 285753a & 285852a
3. The Mosquito Coast
4. RCO410 or RCO810
5. Frigidaire (it had a bouncing agitator)
6. Condenser coils
7. Suggested in 2006, it could be the worlds smallest refrigerator. The molecular-scale device would theoretically be used to keep nanoscale machines cool and control temperatures during molecular biology experiments.
8. On the Franco-Swiss border west of Geneva

O-2 correct: You know a bit, but still have a lot to learn. Luckily you came to the right place.
2-4 correct: You know a fair amount about appliances. Keep visiting this blog to learn even more.
4-6 correct: You know a lot about appliances. Pass some of that knowledge on to someone.
6-8 correct You are an appliance star! Great job!

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