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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Appliance Tweets: New Year Edition

Today we were reading some Twitter tweets and found a few that we hope you will enjoy.

The first tweet is something we all feel after the holidays when all the new clothes have been worn:

Alas, the holidays are over, but here is a New Years message that would serve all of us well in 2014:

This tweet offers another suggested "critical life skill" that also could serve you well through the year:

While we are on the subject of accessing knowledge, remember that customers always have choices when it comes to where they access their knowledge:

The best Appliance Repair companies will be able to stand behind the statement:

We love it when people have this kind of enthusiasm for their laundry products:

Some people have not yet had the chance to develop laundry enthusiasm:

Laundry really can be fun!

As fun as laundry day can be, be careful while you do your washing:

And to close, we leave you with one more thought for the New Year:

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