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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey, All!

Wow, the holidays and vacation are over!  I hope they were very good for you and that the coming year is happy and prosperous.  I had a great time!

The Christmas tree is down and the lights and decorations all put away - now what?  Well, now is a good time to get everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion.  Start by making a list of all the things you NEED to do and those you WANT to do.
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NEED TO DO:  Clean refrigerator of all leftovers, get documents together for taxes, check outside your home (or office building) for any winter damage so far (gutters {think about getting a LintEater - DVC202 - not only will clean lint build-up in your dryer venting but has an attachment for downspout cleaning}, moss on your roof, and if you run a business - INVENTORY!  And did you change the batteries in all your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors?  Window washing - inside and out - although if it is freezing weather where you are at you might want to wait on the outside windows.  These are just a few of the things that are looming out there - start that list and take things one at a time.

WANT TO DO:  Clean out cupboads, new paint on walls or maybe just some touch up in spots.  Don't forget your appliances!  W L May has touch-up paint for your appliances.  Reorganize and get rid of stuff you don't want or need - someone out there will and it's a good write off on those taxes!

I'm sure you can think of a bunch more things that you could put on these lists - the key is to take things one at a time (maybe a "Honey-do" jar with a task per slip?) so the list doesn't look so daunting.

Have a great week!

PS:  Boy, do I need a copy of this book!

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