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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truck Stock Tuesday-Icemakers

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During these hot summer months, we get a lot of calls about icemakers. Often parts are available to repair an icemaker. Due to the labor costs involved, and cost of the individual pieces it is frequently more sensible to replace the entire unit. We stock a wide variety of replacement icemakers and are happy to help you find out which one belongs in your refrigerator. A few of the more common replacement assemblies include:

  • D7824706Q This is a very popular icemaker. Originally an Amana style unit it is used as a replacement across many brands in the Whirlpool and Maytag families. Being a replacement icemaker it lacks a installation hardware. Also the cover and wiring harness wiring harness do not come with the unit, the expectation being that those pieces will be transferred over from the old icemaker you are replacing.
  • 4317943 This popular 8 cube icemaker is a common replacement for Whirlpool and some other models. Shut off arm is not included and must be transferred from old icemaker.
  • W10190961 This is a good number to know. If you are following Kelly's advice, you might want to add this to your book. Newer style Kitchenaid refrigerators that have the ice bucket in the door are often lacking a part number for the assembly on the parts breakdown. There are 2 icemakers that are used on this style of machine. This is 5 cube assembly you will generally see it used on 22CF models. I comes with no cover, also from the old machine you will need to transfer the bracket.
  • 2198597 Another often unlisted assmbly used in new style Kitchenaids with the ice bucket in the door. Also worth noting in your book. It is used on 25-27CF models and makes 12 cubes at a time. Like the 5 cube model this one requires transfer of your old cover and brackets. 
  • WR30X10093 A lot of General Electric refrigerators use this icemaker. It is a replacement for several older style icemakers. It comes with a harness that is adaptable for both 4 pin and 6 post connections. It also comes with the fill tube & fill cup.
  • 5303918277 This is common Electrolux (Frigidaire) icemaker. It is used as a replacement for all refers from 2001-present. Has four round female connectors as well as an adapter to convert harness to 3 round female connectors and 1 male. 
  • W10190965 Yet another common Whirlpool icemaker. Again with no cover or harness included.
  • 5303918344 This is a rear mount icemaker used on some Electrolux (Frigidaire) side x side models. 
As you can see, there are a lot of  icemakers out there. If you find this list to be "clear as mud", give us a call with a model number. We would be happy to help your find the right assembly for your refrigerator. 

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