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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Parts Detective

Hey, All,

I love mysteries! And the wonderful part about my job is I get to solve mysteries everyday!  I have often thought about dressing up as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween, with the deerstalker cap and Meershum pipe with assorted parts and microfiche hanging out of my pockets.

Creative Commons license on image.
One of the advantages to having a relationship with your parts supplier is that often times they have avenues of research that are not available to you, or that you just haven't thought of.  We here at W L May maintain good relations with the manufacturers that we stock parts for and are able to call/email them with issues we run into.

Also, we maintain microfiche files (this was a method of data storage before computers for you youngsters out there!) and alot of the older appliances that won't come up on your computer research sites we have this backup to go to.  Not to say we'll have the parts on some of this older stuff but I am continuely suprised at what comes up sometimes.  And not to mention all the old timers around here that have all kinds of miscellaneous stuff in their brains.

So if you come across something that has you stumped, give us here at W L May a call - we'll do our darndest to find an answer for you.  Plus it may be something that you can add to your Superhero Book!

Have a great week!

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